Partner Sponsor adVERTISING upgrades

Your Partner Sponsorship includes a 1/4 page ad (magazine style) in our print guide.

We do not sell ads outside of Partner Sponsorship (upgrades only).

Any Partner Sponsor may opt to write a feature article for the magazine and save 30% off your new listing/renewal and if you choose and ad size upgrade, we'll take 30% off that as well! Articles must be submitted by October 1, and fit the following parametersAlso, if you have already purchased a Partner Sponsor listing at full price, we will also credit 30% of that amount to your ad upgrade.

For example, if you opt-in write a feature article for our new, revamped magazine style guide:

Partner Sponsor 1 year = $750 - $225 (30%) = $525

This gives you a quarter-page full color print ad, plus a feature article with your name, company, and expertise including a feature photo and a headshot!

Available upgrades are as follows:

1/2 Page Ad Upgrade - $250

Full-Page Ad Upgrade - $750

Inside Front Cover Ad Upgrade - $1,250

Inside Back Cover (Third Cover/1 Available) Ad Upgrade - $1,250 (SOLD)

Back Cover Ad Upgrade (1 Available) - $1,750

Two-Page Centerfold Ad Upgrade (1 available) - $2,250 (SOLD)

Please let us know your ad upgrade choice and we will confirm and invoice separately

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