Our goal is to make our new magazine-style print format more interesting for all couples looking for vendor services, and we are adding more feature articles from our vendor pool to pique interest and expand our demographic. We want your expertise and you will value-add to your listing by saving money and increasing exposure via the bio section included with the article.

Anyone who chooses a Partner Sponsor new listing or renewal may opt to write a feature article for the magazine and save 30% off.  Also, if you choose an ad upgrade, we will apply the discount to that as well.

1.  350-450 words:

  • The Title-8-10 words.
  • The article should feature a topic related to weddings and your area of expertise, e.g. a florist may write an article about the use of seasonal flowers to save money.
  • The article may not be an "advertorial" although the BIO information and headshot will help your business.
  • The Lead of the story, the most important paragraph -40-50 words.
  • The Body of the article, depending on the business may vary from 250 to 300 words.
  • The Ending may include not more then 50-60 words.
  •  The BIO--information about the writer and their business, not more then 20-35 words with an optional headshot photo.
  • The article does not have to be geared toward LGBT couples specifically, however sensitivity to same sex couples with regard to identifiers (e.g. "bridal party") will be necessary,

2.  An accompanying image which may be of your own work/product.

3.  Cooperation in copy/content editing.

4. Submission by the deadline.

5. The article must be ORIGINAL CONTENT. We will check the article to ensure it is not attributable to any person or entity other than you/your company. If you need help brainstorming content for your article, we're happy to throw out some suggestions!

If you'd like to take advantage of this savings and share your expertise with our readers, please complete the following form and we'll reply back with confirmation and an adjusted invoice for 20% off your Partner Sponsor listing.

Please note you will be billed for this savings reduction should you choose not to submit your article. Articles are subject to review and your collaboration is required  editing for content.. You will not be billed should we choose not to use the article once a final draft has been accepted.

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