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Stainless steel pipe bracket for pipe connection

In any stainless steel pipe support, there will be a pipe support where the pipe is laid. As the support structure of the pipe, it can be satisfied according to the running performance and layout requirements of the pipe to ensure the effective transmission of the load of the pipe.
The stainless steel pipe bracket is used for the fixed connection of various pipelines and plays a fastening role. There are many different sizes for customers to choose. Non-standard products can be processed according to the user's requirements for drawings and samples. There are three requirements for the processing of non-standard products: 1. Provide drawings or samples 2. A certain amount is required 3. No return without quality problems.
There are many kinds of pipeline brackets, including portal brackets and pipe corridors. It is a relatively large steel support tube. The bracket is the support between the tube frame and the tube. There is an elastic bracket. When the bottom of the bracket can be used without a bracket, the size of the fixed bracket spacing directly affects the economics of the pipe network. Therefore, It is required that the fixed brackets are arranged reasonably, so that the fixed brackets are allowed to increase the spacing to reduce the number of tube racks.
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