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Stainless steel tube bracket function and composition

The stainless steel pipe bracket is also called pipe clamp, pipe holder, pipe hoop, pipe clamp. Mainly used for pipe support and pipe fixing. Stainless steel 304 has the properties of anti-rust, acid resistance and alkali resistance.
Stainless steel tube brackets are widely used in the support of various industrial pipelines such as chemicals, beverages, foods, dairy products, and pharmaceutical beverages.
The stainless steel pipe bracket is mainly composed of two semi-circular stainless steel sheets, two bolts, a washer (usually red) and a supporting steel pipe. There are two types of steel pipe connections: either threaded or welded. The width of the semicircle of the tube bracket: 25MM for small specifications and 28MM for large specifications. The thickness of the semi-circular steel sheet is 1.5MM. The height and size of the steel tubes used for support under the semicircle are 45MM.
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