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Why should the pump base be equipped with spring shock absorbers

Because the pump is prone to vibration and noise during operation, if you want to control and reduce the vibration and noise generated by the pump operation, you must control and eliminate the vibration source and noise source. Therefore, you need to perform noise reduction and noise reduction on the pump base. Then, installing a spring damper on the base of the pump is a good damping measure.
1. The shock absorber spring material is 60Si2Mn spring steel wire, which has the characteristics of fatigue resistance, high strength, large bearing capacity and long service life.
2. Wide load range, easy for users to choose, low natural frequency, good vibration isolation effect, compact structure, small size, easy installation, safe and reliable use.
3. It has strong adaptability to the working environment and can work normally in the environment of -40℃-110℃. The natural frequency within the normal working load range is 2HZ-5HZ. It is suitable for positive vibration isolation, negative vibration isolation, impact vibration and solid sound transmission. Isolation has obvious effects. It is a shock absorber that isolates vibration to reduce noise, manages vibration pollution and protects the environment.
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