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Installation and adjustment of the foundation of the pump base

1. Remove oil and dirt from the base and place the base on the foundation.
2. Use a spirit level to check the level of the base and allow the wedges to level.
3. Secure the base holes and anchor bolt holes.
4. After the cement is dry, check whether the foundation and anchor bolt holes are loose, tighten the anchor bolts when appropriate, and recheck whether the foundation is flat.
5. Clean the support plane of the base, the foot plane of the circulating water pump and the motor, and install the circulating water pump and the motor on the base.
6. There should be a certain gap between the couplings, and check whether the center of the pump shaft is consistent with the center of the motor shaft. It can be adjusted with a shim to make it concentric. Install a pressure gauge at the outlet flange of the water pump to observe and control the operation of the water pump. If the flow exceeds the rated flow and the current is too large, the opening of the outlet valve can be adjusted to control the flow and current.
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