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The role of the pump base

The function of the pump seat is to support and fix the pump casing, and it is usually cast into one body with the pump casing. There are flange holes on the pump seat of the centrifugal pump, which are used for fixing with the bottom plate or foundation. The top of the pump casing is provided with water filling and air venting screw holes, which can be used to fill the water and discharge the air in the pump casing before the pump is started. There are screw holes for installing the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge on the water suction cone pipe and the water pressure cone pipe of the pump, and there are water discharge screw holes at the bottom of the pump casing, which can be used to empty the accumulated water in the pump casing when the pump is stopped for maintenance. In addition, there is a drain screw hole at the bottom of the transverse groove of the pump casing. If it is not used temporarily, a threaded screw plug (also called a bulkhead bolt) can be used.
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